How to build a mobile data offer in a few days with Netwo?

" At Netwo, our job is to provide B2B telecom operators with the tools they need to innovate, while giving them maximum autonomy. These words are those of our President, Bruno Veluet, and perfectly summarize our vocation: to help telecom operators, integrators and resellers to meet all the needs of their customers. This is why we have launched a Data Mobile offer, keeping our two watchwords: simplicity and freedom.

You are a telecom operator, integrator or reseller, specialized in fixed connectivity, and you think you are not concerned by the mobile issues? Think again and read the following carefully. On the contrary, our offer will reinforce your value proposition... and your profitability.

Mobile Data offer in B2B telecoms: what for?

A back-up solution to help your customer relations

Imagine that one day, one of your customers is without an Internet connection. After investigation, you realize that it was not your fault, and neither is your provider: road works have damaged the network infrastructure. Even if you are not responsible for this incident, your customer has reason to be unhappy: for a company, a connectivity failure can lead to the paralysis of all or part of the activity and to heavy financial losses.

The ideal is to be able to offer a backup solution as soon as possible. And for this purpose, there is nothing like going through the mobile network, in order to avoid encountering the same pitfalls as on the copper or fiber link. Therefore, by adding a Mobile Data string to your bow, you can show the best reactivity to your customers, who will be grateful to you.

Mobile connectivity while waiting for the fixed connection

Another common situation is when a customer moves. But when they arrive in their new offices, the problem is that the fixed line connection is not yet fully completed. Whether it's a delay or not, your customer has no time to lose, he wants to benefit from an Internet connection without waiting. In this case, why not offer them 4G or 5G connectivity while they wait for their fixed link to be implemented? An ideal temporary solution to avoid any service interruption.

And many other possibilities offered by the mobile network...

Furthermore, your customers may have mobility needs for their employees on the move, such as sales representatives. By using a mobile network, they can access the Internet from anywhere in France.

What if a customer wants temporary connectivity for a short-term event? There's no need to activate a fixed link, an operation that requires some delay. A mobile network connection will be more than sufficient to cover this short-term need.

Finally, let's not forget the IoT(Internet of Things) market, which concerns more and more companies. Connected surveillance cameras, energy meters, monitoring solutions, autonomous vehicles... All these devices need to exchange data punctually or continuously via the mobile network, in complete security. With our offer, you have the possibility to meet these needs as well, and thus extend your value proposition.

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How to design a Mobile Data offer from Netwo?

At Netwo, our ambition is to simplify the telecom operator business, thanks to the one-click operator. So what could be more natural than to reproduce this model on the Mobile Data offer? We offer two options, so you can choose the one that best suits your business.

1) The 100% virtual: simplicity and speed

Via our platform, you can become a mobile network operator in just a few clicks! This means that you can sell a Mobile Data package to your customers as a 100% virtual mobile operator, i.e. without having a radio network or your own mobile network core. All you have to do is go to your Netwo customer area and order and activate the SIM cards you want. The service is then immediately operational and gives your customers access to the Orange mobile network - which we have chosen for its extensive coverage.

In the end, the most time-consuming step is... delivering the SIM cards. But we've anticipated this delay! We can send you a batch of inactive SIMs in advance, which you can then activate as soon as you want, in an instant.

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2) The physical connection to Netwo: autonomy and freedom

Are you a service provider with your own mobile core network? Congratulations: you can claim more autonomy! At Netwo, we encourage B2B telecom operators to empower themselves by adapting our platform to your business model.

In this case, a preliminary physical connection work will be necessary, in order to connect Netwo's network to yours and then to activate your SIM cards (as before). This operation can take place in one of our data centers (in Paris, Aubervilliers, Lyon or Toulouse). Of course, it takes a little more time than in the case of a 100% virtual operator. But it's worth it: you can collect mobile data flows from your SIM cards directly on your network (see below). And so you can manage them as you wish.

IP addresses and data flows: choose the way that works for you

You know it: to have access to Internet (fixed or mobile), it is necessary to associate an IP address to a device (smartphone, router, connected object...). So how does it work in Netwo's Mobile Data offer? Once again, we make it easy for you and adapt the management of IP addresses and data flows to your needs.

Virtual operators: Netwo takes care of everything for you

As a virtual operator, you need to delegate the technical part of your business, especially IP addressing. Don't worry: we've got it covered so you can focus on your core business.

Indeed, you can simply reserve a block of 256 IPv4 addresses with Netwo. And when you activate a SIM card, it is automatically assigned an IPv4 address, just like a copper or fiber link. In other words, it works exactly the same way as your customers' fixed links. The only difference? Your billing depends on the volume of data consumed (see below).

Note also that you have the possibility to buy your IPv4 address block. This operation allows you to see your operator's name appear during the flow tests and to reinforce your brand image.

Service providers: manage your own mobile data flows

If, on the other hand, you have your own network core, you don't need us for IP address management. But we can still make your life easier and give you maximum freedom!

Indeed, we allow you to collect mobile data flows directly on your network equipment (in L2TP), which already handles traffic from your fixed links. You are then totally autonomous in your management: you can set the IP addresses yourself, secure the data according to your standards, offer additional services...

Moreover, you can switch from one model to another without any barriers. On the contrary, at Netwo, we support the empowerment of B2B telecom operators. Therefore, if you are a virtual operator and want to invest in your core network, our platform will support you during this transition and make it easier to manage your data flows.

What if you stopped paying for GBs that your customers don't use?

Regardless of your business model, Netwo gives you the ability to quickly offer Mobile Data to your customers. However, you probably have questions about marketing them: How much will it cost me? How much can I sell my packages for? What will be my margin? These questions are legitimate and we have chosen to answer them by giving you as much freedom as possible, via our price per GB consumed system.

With traditional mobile data offers, you have little room to maneuver. Indeed, you buy packages already built by your suppliers, which you then resell by adding a margin (often low). Moreover, your purchase price remains fixed, even if your customers do not use all the data of their package.

At Netwo, we change the game completely, in order to redirect the value to the service operators. Indeed, by choosing our offer, you only pay what your customers consume (with a configurable fair use per month and per SIM)! And there is no need to buy Gb in advance: at the end of each month, your bill adapts to the overall volume of data consumed by your entire customer base, according to a tiered system.

Therefore, this new operation ensures that you pay the right price, according to the real consumption of mobile data. But it also allows you to build your offers as you wish. Adaptive or fixed price plans, sale per Gb consumed... You have plenty of choices to satisfy your customers and optimize your margins!

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