As atelecoms infrastructure aggregator, we took advantage of the two-day show to share our vision of the future of telecoms through our automated platform, and to renew our commitment to neutrality towards alternative operators.

1. The Netwo cocktail party: your meeting with regional and national infrastructure suppliers

Wednesday March 13 at 4pm: this was the event not to be missed. We invited all the representatives of our partner infrastructure operators to our stand. As a key player in the telecoms ecosystem, we wanted to share a convivial moment to : 

  • We look forward to seeing you and discussing our projects,
  • give them another opportunity to meet you. 

The perfect opportunity to demonstrate our tool and present the benefits of automation, in particular the Netwo API, which queries our partners' available offers in real time in the eligibility results.

Cocktails, meetings and demos were the theme of the event. Relive these moments in pictures:

2. Automation: what exactly does it look like?

Centralized in a single tool, more than a dozen functions essential to an operator's business are available on the platform. A unified path for eligibility (unit or mass), comparing and ordering telecom links, tracking their deployment, managing after-sales service and consolidating purchase invoices. It's simple, and it happens on our platform

Thanks to workflow automation and process digitization, manual, repetitive and time-consuming tasks are a thing of the past! Simplify your business and concentrate on high value-added tasks.

Operators who have already jumped on the bandwagon are seeing considerable gains. What are you waiting for? To (re)discover our platform, create your free, no-obligation account 👇

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3. The stars of this edition? Our sock goodies!

If there's one thing you can't do without at events like trade shows, it's goodies.

With the Olympic Games just around the corner, we've gone all out with the sports theme. Thanks to Netwo's time-saving automation, take some time for yourself with a sports set including a water bottle, a microfiber towel and a pair of Netwo branded socks!
Didn't get any? That can be arranged 👉 Iwant my socks !

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