Netwo, the new revolution of the telecom world.


Our mission

Simplify the access to telecoms technologies and infrastructures to promote the development of local operators.

At Netwo, we believe in a new revolution in the telecom world. A world where every player can access all telecom technologies and infrastructures simply and at low cost.

We want to provide them with a place to meet and create opportunities.
Means to become more agile, innovative and competitive. Simple tools and a secure platform to simplify their operational tasks.

Our vision

To develop technology with an open, future-proof architecture that enables the transformation and evolution of the B2B telecom market.

Netwo's observation is simple. The B2B telecom market is a complex ecosystem with very little digitalization and little competition. For years, service providers and resellers have been kept at a limited level of autonomy and flexibility. We are building an ecosystem in which each player can simply choose who to work with, how to work with them, and for how long, in order to build tailor-made offers for their customers.

Once upon a time, Netwo

Our story

Netwo is the meeting of three entrepreneurs with a passion for technological and digital developments.

They are moving fast. Perhaps too fast in a B2B telecoms world that does not allow time for alternative players to develop against of the ultra-dominant market.

With more than 17 years in the B2B telecom world,Bruno decided to tackle the status quo. He joined forces with Iga and Xavier who share his conviction that a new model can be built, combining the valorisation of technical jobs and the development of efficient and open technological tools.

Netwo - photo showing the 3 co-founders

In 2023, Netwo is an adventure written by several hands. It's a real turning point when Netwo joins the Altitude Group.
With it, we confirm our ambition to raise our voice.

Our mission is reaffirmed, that of rebalancing the telecoms market in favor of alternative operators and integrators, for healthy competition and quality solutions for all.

Thanks to the Altitude Group, we will be stepping up our IS and telecoms investments, to offer you even more innovative solutions that meet your needs for agility and competitiveness.

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Netwo rethinks the existing model to revive the B2B telecom market


First of all, by giving back independence, autonomy and better cost control to the telecom players.

User Experience

By completely rethinking the user experience and combining the best of humans and technology. And this is just the beginning.

Automation & API-First

By building automation technology that simplifies the telecom business and frees up time for sales, administration and technical teams.

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One for all...

Our team

We're a team of over 40 people spread between Paris, Lyon, Rennes, Nantes, Bordeaux, Toulouse... from very different professions and backgrounds.

The real strength of Netwo is that its founding team and employees have brought together worlds that do not usually communicate with each other. Each of us contributes to the growth of Netwo by bringing expertise, conviction and enthusiasm. United around Netwo's mission and values, the team members are determined to succeed and reach new heights.

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Chief, yes chief!

Our founders


Bruno Veluet

Bruno, a serial entrepreneur for 18 years in the telecom industry, is our industry expert. Having created companies in various telecom activities - from the deployment of fibre optic infrastructure, through the creation of services, to the service of the corporate customer at the end of the chain, he knows by heart the problems of alternative players.

It acts to solve the problems of local telecom players to enable them to gain market share.


Iga Byczkowska

Iga has a business profile, an entrepreneurial spirit and solid experience in consulting. She spent 10 years in strategy consulting, mainly at Roland Berger where she advised all types of companies, from large groups to SMEs, in various sectors, on their strategy and its operational implementation.

10 years in consulting have shown her that many decision makers underestimate the impact of technology on the efficiency of their business. She is convinced that Netwo can make life easier for many players in the market and gain margin points.


Xavier Di Domizio

Xavier, Chief Software Officer, has been working for startups and software companies for over 15 years.
He was notably the architect of technical solutions at the start-up of Coyote (navigation assistance) and accompanied its success by addressing BigData and geolocation issues. Since then, he has helped launch several start-up projects, designing their products from scratch.

Xavier is passionate about new development technologies, which he wishes to put to good use for our operator clients and wants to create a solution that is technically modern but easily integrated with existing tools.

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Ready to change
the world of telecoms?

We are always looking for new members to join our strong teams. Come and help us build the telecom world of tomorrow.

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