Netwo Marketplace:
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The Netwo marketplace helps you become more efficient by simplifying your telecom services purchasing processes.

Thanks to the Netwo marketplace, you can compare and order a multitude of telecom services from our catalog, monitor their quality, simplify billing for your purchases and take advantage of exclusive features tailored to your needs... and those of your customers 😉

For all (future) IT and telecoms professionals

Service operators

IT service providers
& Integrators

infrastructure networks

Computer resellers

Take advantage of Netwo's benefits and make your business

more profitable every day

Time saving

Save time by centralizing and automating your telecom services purchasing processes in a single tool.

Lower costs

Manage your expenses by easily comparing and selecting the best offers. Take advantage of pre-negotiated rates.

Expenses under control

Access your purchase and consumption invoices at the click of a button. Negotiate with your suppliers from Netwo.

Supervision of your services

Accurately track the performance of services delivered to your customers. Act quickly in the event of technical problems.

What our customers say

"Netwo is easy to use, fast and above all hyper-intuitive. It saves us a lot of time when it comes to obtaining eligibility for a large number of infrastructure operators. And that's reflected in our responsiveness to our customers."


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Access a wide range of telecom products and services

Our offers cover all your customers' connectivity and communication needs.

Internet access and networks

We offer you the largest number of infrastructure networks available in France, on which you can add a wide range of services. FTTH, FTTO/E, 4G/5G access, we guarantee you optimum connectivity at the lowest possible cost.

Fixed and mobile telephony

To communicate efficiently and freely, we offer traffic, VoIP and mobile telephony solutions tailored to your customers' needs.

One of the most extensive coverage areas in France

By aggregating offers from a very wide range of infrastructure network operators (national and local), Netwo gives you access to one of the most extensive network coverages in France, in just a few clicks. And at speeds of up to 25Gb/s!
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Robust, ultra-secure network architecture

Netwo needed to build a robust, ultra-secure network architecture capable of seamlessly integrating with its highly automated provisioning platform. The Netwo backbone was designed and built with scalability in mind. The objective? Ensure business continuity to avoid service interruptions.
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Produce (or not) your additional services

Depending on your company's resources and technical skills, you can open a collection door with Netwo to manage your own value-added services (flow prioritization, routing to the Internet, MPLS, VPN back-up, IP addressing...) or simply entrust them to us.

Simply test your customers' eligibility

Using a postal address, telephone number or building code, our eligibility module suggests the best networks and technologies available in just a few seconds.

Compare offers easily

Quickly and easily compare the features (prices, speeds, service guarantees, commitment times, penalties, etc.) of hundreds of offers from infrastructure network operators, and make the best decisions.

Negotiate and order directly

Our strength is your autonomy. You are free to trade and negotiate directly with the infrastructure network suppliers on our marketplace. From a dedicated messaging system, you can propose a price and deployment timeframe closer to your customer's expectations.

Track your customers' deployments

You can check the status of your connection order at any time in your order details. And good news! Automation is at the heart of our marketplace. Information is updated in real time as soon as your supplier enters a new status.

Supervise and manage your telecom services

Visualize the status of your fleet at a glance, and adjust your services to your customers' needs at any time: allocate additional IPs on a fixed or mobile link, modify mobile data consumption limits, allocate new numbers, manage portability...

Centralize your support requests

An incident concerning delivery or service quality? Consult the details, report it to your supplier and exchange directly with him to provide the best information in real time to your customer.

Ready to discover all the benefits of Netwo?