Mobile Data by Netwo: your business has it all

A data-only offer for all purposes

With Netwo SIM cards, you can set up "data-only" offers for routers, tablets and connected objects.


Take advantage of a back-up solution if a fixed link has a problem.

Temporary solution

Is your customer's connection delayed? Offer them a temporary internet solution!


Offer the possibility to access the internet from anywhere in France.


Your client benefits from an optimal internet connection for a short period of time to cover any type of event.


Build your own offers to connect your customers' objects!

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The mobile scam? The price per GB!

Your price per GB is low, but what about the price per GB you actually use?
Almost 75% of your mobile expenses are useless because you are paying for data that you do not use!

Change your paradigm and compare the price per GB subscribed to with the price per GB used.

Pay only for what you use

With the classic offers

With Netwo

- You pay your supplier flat rates, regardless of your customer's consumption level.

- Your margin is fixed and limited, defined according to your buying and selling grids.

Average margin in relation to the sales price: 20-50%.

- You only pay for what you consume on a tiered basis.

- Your margin is theoretically unlimited: you determine your selling prices and your customers' consumption will determine your costs.

Average margin in relation to the selling price: 60-95%.

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No setup fees. Simple pricing like Netwo.

Take advantage of our unique adaptive package model.

Global data volume consumed by your SIM card fleet

Monthly price

Up to 250 GB
From 250 GB to 500 GB
From 500 GB to 1 TB
From 1 TB to 2 TB
From 2 TB to 3 TB
From 3 TB to 5 TB
From 5 TB to 10 TB
From 10 TB to 20 TB
From 20 TB to 30 TB
From 30 TB to 50 TB
Over 50 TB

250 €
400 €
600 €
1,000 €
1,350 €
1,750 €
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An offer that adapts to your activity

Are you a virtual operator?

Are you a service operator?

Netwo provides the IP connection to the Internet for you.

- You can choose to reserve a block of 256 IPv4 addresses in your name and we assign each link an IPv4 on this block (common block for Netwo's FTTx & xDSL offerings).

- You rent this block for as long as you want.

- At any time, you will be able to acquire it in order to perpetuate your customer relationship (your operator name displayed during the degrouptest, speedtest...).

Mobile data streams are collected using L2TP. Your LNS routers, which already handle ADSL/VDSL or FTTH, receive the mobile data stream:

- You set the IP address of the mobile data link yourself.

- You are able to isolate your LNS on your own.

3 good reasons to choose Netwo?


Group packages to manage your customers more easily and control your invoices.


Limit the risk of over-consumption with a fair-use limit of 600 GB per month and per SIM.

L2TP routing

Become autonomous in the routing of your flows and secure them according to your standards.

Here we go!

Ready to go? Go for it!

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