A unified approach to eligibility (single or mass), comparing and ordering telecom links, tracking their deployment, managing after-sales service and consolidating purchase invoices: these are the advantages of opting for a telecom infrastructure aggregator. This approach offers operators, integrators and resellers a centralized platform for efficiently managing their business. The benefits are manifold: here's proof in 4.

1. Access extensive network coverage
: Netwo brings together local players (public initiative networks, private players, etc.) and a range ofprivate infrastructure operators throughout the country. The principle of the telecoms marketplace or telecoms infrastructure aggregator makes it possible to meet the needs of operators, integrators and resellers by rapidly presenting the specific features of each (SLA, commitment, GTR, GTI...). On a single platform, operators have access to a multitude of offers such as fiber optics and 4G/5G. In direct contact with their suppliers, you can be sure of a response to all your customers' needs!

"Netwo is easy to use, efficient and responsive. When you launch an eligibility check, the advantage is that all the infrastructure operators' offers are displayed at once, unlike a single access to each provider's portal. You can quickly compare the offers and choose the most relevant one: you change the speeds and the associated prices are immediately displayed, which is great!"

Jordane Roussel, Sales Director at moji

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2. Increase productivity: an all-in-one telecoms solution boosts the operational efficiency of your teams. A single connection platform is all you need for all your teams (sales managers, sales administration managers, project managers, deployment managers, etc.). Not only is information centralized, but you also automate manual, repetitive and time-consuming tasks. What's more, the platform analyzes data and provides you with consolidated dashboards to help you manage and supervise your services. No more wasted time, no more checks on multiple portals, hello simplified processes and centralized monitoring! Our customers are delighted.

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3. Ensure business scalability
: operators who want to increase their revenues need scalable solutions. A telecoms offer aggregator promises this flexibility, enabling them to adjust their prices and evolve their products and services in line with their customers' needs. Satisfaction guaranteed!

4. Optimize the customer experience : when you opt for a telecoms infrastructure aggregator, all communication takes place via a single point of entry. In the event of an incident, you escalate the information to your supplier, who will investigate the source of the problem. The after-sales service integrated into the platform makes it easy to track the progress of the intervention. Transparent communication with your customers and rapid resolution in line with your suppliers' commitment guarantee an optimized customer experience. Satisfied customers are the most likely to remain loyal to you and recommend your services to other companies. Word of mouth is your best marketing ally, so make the most of it!

"Before, to place an order, I would go to 4 different tools. Time spent: 15 minutes. I'd get an answer within 2 days to a week. Today, with Netwo, this operation takes me 5 minutes. I love supervising links and managing my fleet: it's fast and precise. Netwo's value proposition is innovative and unique on the market. It didn't take us long to realize the benefits. The promise has been kept. "

Gilles CHAPAT, Founder of CELAHO

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Things to remember

Adopting a telecom infrastructure aggregator (or telecom marketplace) can transform the way companies manage their telecom business. Our platform makes it easy for you to find new suppliers. Centralize and automate your activity, compare thousands of telecom offers with ease, negotiate directly with your suppliers and save money. With Netwo, you can improve your day-to-day management while boosting your operational efficiency. With the flexibility offered by the platform, operators can better adapt to a constantly evolving market and offer a superior customer experience. Time savings, simplicity and customer satisfaction: what are you waiting for to add a telecom infrastructure aggregator to your business?

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