1. Bulk or unit: a closer look at the 2 types of eligibility

Unit eligibility with Netwo lets you discover all the infrastructure operators' offers available at : 

👉 a postal address, 

👉 an IMB code,

👉 GPS coordinates. 

Like unit eligibility, mass eligibility enables you to automatically discover all the offers available at a given address, IMB code or GPS coordinate, all at once.

Mass eligibility can be used for : 

  • support your customers and prospects as early as possible in the transition from copper to fiber,
  • launch geomarketing campaigns to target potential new customers,
  • respond quickly to calls for tender.

In the above-mentioned cases, this feature simplifies the processing of a large volume of eligibility requests.

It is also invaluable when it is necessary to enrich existing data with additional information such as addresses or GPS coordinates.

2. Netwo mass eligibility: a simplified process

To help you navigate with ease through the completion of your addresses, we've provided a downloadable template in CSV format. This guide is designed to accompany you step by step, enabling you to make the most of the data you'll be using.

For each address entered, check the two conditions sine qua non for the process to run smoothly. 

We recommend that you :

  • must have a site name (free input), as it serves as an identifier when results are returned.
  • enter at least one piece of information for each address. This can be :some text
    • postal address in natural format,
    • GPS coordinates,
    • IMB code,
    • the address in BAN format.

3. Verification, a guarantee of data quality

Once you have enriched your data, we recommend that you re-read your addresses in order to :

  • check data to be made available (and technologies returned),
  • focus your checks on a few addresses known to be problematic.

Once your checks are complete, you can launch your eligibility.

4. Check your eligibility results

Once your addresses have been verified, run mass eligibility to obtain results. You'll be notified when results are available:

  • by email :
  • in your Netwo space : 

5. Final step: order your offers!

The CSV file containing the results can be downloaded from the interface. You'll find details of each of the offers available for each address tested.

You're all set: you can proceed to the order stage from the interface or via the link provided in the results CSV file!

So what are you waiting for to test mass eligibility on the Netwo platform?

 Discover the marketplace

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