1. Introducing the platform that is revolutionizing B2B telecom

Netwo is the marketplace that empowers operators, integrators and resellers to order telecom services more easily and at lower cost. Internet access, fixed and mobile networks, fixed telephony: exchange and negotiate with suppliers directly, and resell your telecoms offers at the best price.

But that's not all: for the occasion, we will present our latest fixed telephony offer: the possibility to manage your portability simply and independently.

Netwo facilitates the operational management of your VoIP service

  • Create and manage your customers' SIP trunks directly from our platform.
  • we host your number range and portability prefix to collect your incoming calls for you.
  • terminate your outgoing French and international calls and emergency numbers.
  • follow your customers' consumption and control the anti-piracy stocks.

Netwo can also help you make your services compliant:

  1. Get your own portability prefixes and numbering ranges in accordance with current regulations,
  2. Order your SIP accounts with Netwo and use your own numbering resources acquired from ARCEP, 
  3. Realize with Netwo your portabilities on your own prefix in accordance with the regulators' guidelines.

Don't delay: discover Netwo for free or make an appointment with an expert at the show!

2. Gather feedback on our latest white paper

A few weeks ago, we presented our latest book on the 12 major challenges for telecom operators in 2023 to accelerate their growth. At Netwo, we are constantly monitoring the evolution of the sector to better support telecom players seeking to bring more value to their customers. What, you didn't read it? Download it now!👇

In addition, we present Netwo' s support for overcoming these pitfalls, in particular through : 

  • our marketplace facilitating the direct purchase and resale of telecom services, 
  • Regular, automated pricing updates and promotional offers from all your infrastructure providers,
  • a pool of experts available to ensure regulatory compliance.

Meet your future suppliers and exchange with them directly, without intermediaries.

I discover

3. Exchange with you on our stand M21

We would like to (re)share our universe with you: let's meet on our stand M21! On site, you will discover : 

  • Networkers all red 🔴 and all smiles 😁,
  • live demos of our continuously enriched marketplace,
  • a unique opportunity toexchange directly with our infrastructure operator partners,
  • A convivial aperitif to discuss your 2023 issues 🍻🥨,
  • nice surprises ...🎁

How can you not be excited? Reserve your time and see you soon!

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