State of play and perspectives

The B2B telecom market in France is currently valued at more than €10 billion and is characterised both by its tremendous growth potential and the uneven distribution of this potential among the various players. 

On the one hand, we have the historical leaders, Orange and SFR, which alone represent 75% of the market! On the other hand, there are about fifty infrastructure operators, a hundred or so alternative operators and more than 3000 resellers who market white-label telecom offers. 

While in recent years the regulator's pressure on incumbents has (hardly) reduced this inequality, the battle is far from won.

Your difference: our spearhead

Paradoxically, the "youth" of the alternative operators is also their strength in the face of the behemoths of the sector. More flexible, more reactive, more interactive and more anchored in a modernity that puts the human being at the centre of their concerns: the alternative operators certainly do not lack assets.

Our mission? To open up the field of possibilities by enabling you to make your mark, to stand out, to innovate, to increase your presence on the market and to achieve your objectives. All this, thanks to our turnkey One-click operator solution!

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Standing out in the telecommunications market: a major challenge

It is obvious that for alternative operators, honouring the promise of fibre coverage geographically adapted to their customers, deploying physical networks, connecting and ensuring maintenance, among other things, requires colossal investments. A bet on the future that is coupled with the strategic need to differentiate themselves by offering a high level of service quality and customer relations, order tracking, or by creating customised commercial offers. 

In short, a chain of recurring actions and operations taken into account by information systems that often have their limits and still require too much manual intervention.

The digital lever as a solution

Based on this observation, and taking into account these and other obstacles, we have devised a new technological solution that will redesign your daily life as an alternative operator.

How can this be done? By digitising all or part of these recurring activities.

The benefits? Undeniable time savings allowing you to concentrate on high value-added activities, substantial savings, indicators (prices, available flows, technical guarantees, etc.) updated in real time. It is also possible to create indicators by type of customer, by period or according to many other parameters, providing a clear and accelerated reading of the different facets of the activity. 

Netwo, the SaaS solution that is revolutionizing the telecom business!

Our solution was conceived at the crossroads between the "marketplace" model and the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, with the desire to offer a tool that is rich in technology, but accessible, in order to respond with simplicity to the sometimes complex needs of the business. 

To do this, this concentrate of technology takes the form of a single management interface. A single platform, designed and optimised to facilitate the connection, interaction and interconnection of infrastructure operators with service operators.

Technically, by connecting to the APIs of the sector's players, the marketplace offers a unification of information systems. This is a simple way of finding the relevant fibre or copper infrastructure at each address, in the numerous product catalogues of the various operators, updated in real time. Companies in the sector are thus guaranteed access to accurate, reliable and up-to-date detailed data at all times. The automation of flows between the technological systems of the parties involved ensures continuous and qualitative delivery of information.

Our vision: the one-click operator

More agile, more efficient, more precise, more reactive... Netwo is THE innovative turnkey solution, accessible to all telecom operators wishing to improve the service delivered to the end customer.

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