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What is a marketplace?

Based on the model of a wholesale market, professionals meet here, and retailers buy from wholesalers. Retailers act as intermediaries, selecting and reselling goods to their customers. The latter can then :

  • obtain the products and services they need to run their business,
  • create their own catalogs and packaged products,
  • resell them under their own brand name, with their own price list to their customers.

Virtual logic is replicated. 

The wholesale market represents the marketplace. Retailers are service operators, integrators and resellers, who select products and services offered by wholesalers (infrastructure operators) for resale to end consumers (businesses).

Whether you're an operator, integrator or reseller, producing, managing and marketing telecom services has never been easier!

  • you have access to a wide catalog of offers from national, regional and local infrastructure operators: fixed & mobile connectivity (FTTx, xDSL, 4G & 5G), fixed telephony (SIP trunk, number assignment and portability),
  • you sell your products to your customers at your own prices and margins.

So what's the Netwo plus point?

Order tracking

The Netwo marketplace a revolution in telecoms

The little extra? Easy access to relevant information, updated in real time (price, product, GTR, etc.) as soon as an infrastructure operator modifies its offers. It's a great way to build up a catalog of offers that's as close as possible to customer needs, and at the best possible price.

A new acronym (yet another in the world of telecoms!) has emerged from this new market offering: TaaS (Telecoms-as-a-service). 

This solution is particularly aimed at operators and players marketing telecom services who want to :

  • no need to maintain an infrastructure, platforms or in-house software,
  • rationalize their costs,
  • save time and refocus on high value-added tasks,
  • retain the freedom to choose their support model as their needs evolve.

Think you're in good company? Here's an overview of the 12 criteria to consider when working with an external partner.
Does it enable you to : 

  • rationalize your costs?
  • offer a wide variety of telecom products and services?
  • easy access to telecom infrastructures?
  • exchange with your suppliers without intermediaries?
  • respond rapidly to customer needs while guaranteeing continuity of service in the event of an incident?
  • simplify your portability requests?

Netwo can provide you with precise answers to each of these criteria. To find out more, read our white paper, or discover the 6 additional criteria you need to know to make the right choice. 

White paper: discover the 12 challenges facing telecom operators in 2023
White paper: discover the 12 challenges facing telecom operators in 2023

Anticipate the end of copper with Netwo marketplace

For decades, it accompanied millions of French people. Today, faced with the vagaries of the weather and new consumer habits, it is gradually disappearing. Its official end is scheduled for 2030.
The one we're talking about is the copper network

With this in mind, a number of FTTx offers are springing up as alternatives. But how do you make the right choice? Lower tariffs, the need to remain competitive... the stakes are high. One effective way to meet these challenges is to equip yourself with a tool that makes it easier to compare available infrastructure offers. 

On the Netwo marketplace, for example, you can import a list of addresses still passing through the copper network and generate a listing of substitute fiber products! A considerable time-saver.

We've also come up with an open-access solution where : 

  • payment is made on consumption,
  • every player has access to infrastructure and services without having to pay in advance,
  • all external tools can interconnect to adapt to their ecosystem to automate and synchronize data.

In partnership with numerous local players, Netwo enables : 

  • address a wide coverage area, 
  • unrivalled responsiveness in the event of an incident,
  • a shorter circuit for processing needs,
  • local customer relations.

As an operator, you have the autonomy to negotiate and trade directly with your suppliers. Centralized and automated, you'll find all your business processes on a single interface (orders, deployment, supervision, after-sales service).

All the conditions are in place to help rebalance the market and free ourselves from the national giants. So what are you waiting for?

Try it for free

Things to remember

The copper network is gradually reaching its limits in terms of bandwidth and consumer needs. To anticipate this, Netwo's platform brings together a wide range of FTTx telecom services. Netwo's ambition is to simplify the purchase of telecom services and access to telecom infrastructures. How do we do this? Through a market-first marketplace designed entirely for telecom operators: including a messaging system facilitating exchanges with national, regional and local infrastructure providers (price negotiation, incident reporting...), centralizing the entire business process from eligibility to invoicing, including portability requests and link deployment monitoring, among others, rationalizing costs while boosting their business thanks to the simple and rapid production of rich and comprehensive telecoms offers: fixed (FTTx) and mobile (4G/5G) Internet access, Trunk SIP (C4/C5), Cloud. Anticipate the end of copper.

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