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‍TheMAN from a legal point of view

The regulation of telephone canvassing is a response to an increasingly pressing political objective: to protect callers and reduce identity fraud. Telephone operators must integrate this new situation into their call handling and customer relations processes, or face sanctions.

Because, yes, where there's a regulatory obligation, there's a legal sanction .

What exactly are we talking about?

Failure to comply with the protocol entails 5 aggravated risks

  1. A break in service continuity: local loop and transit operators will break up calls that are not authenticated or are incorrectly authenticated.

  1. A financial risk : local loop operators can apply substantial penalties, which cascade down through contracts (a principle validated by the courts).

  1. Business jeopardized : ARCEP can initiate sanction procedures, which can result in a freeze on the allocation of new numbering ranges, or the withdrawal of the numbering ranges concerned.

  1. A risk of administrative sanction: as with Bloctel, non-compliance with the system will be grounds for sanction by the DGCCRF (€15,000 per non-compliance observed), even in the absence of a complaint.

  1. A criminal risk for the most serious cases, which could result in a ban on practising or managing.

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MAN from a technical point of view

The aim? To restore customer confidence in their service operators. To achieve this, a clear process has been established by the regulator: the STIR/SHAKEN protocol. The STIR/SHAKEN protocolassigns a level of attestation according to the complexity of the verification.


As an operator, if I know the caller and I can certify the correct use of the displayed number: no risk of fraud for the called party, I can give him a level A certificate .

On the other hand, if the caller is unknown, I cannot certify that he/she is authorized to use this number, and I have no information about him/her: I can give him/her a level C certificate .

As you can see, this new regulatory framework calls on service operators to reinvent their traditional way of operating. From now on, they will have to switch from a silo-based vision to a mode of interoperability at the service of the end-customer and common well-being - values fully shared by Netwo.

MAN from a technical point of view

The telecom industry is changing:

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MAN: the expert support you need

At each level, actions are required to keep the value chain running smoothly. Here's an overview: 

  • setting up theinfrastructure to verify calls ,
  • setting up the OPTS (Opérateur Technique de Signature) and OPTV (Opérateur Technique de Vérification) servers,
  • infrastructure compliance with STIR/SHAKEN standards ,
  • transmission of call authentication information between different telecom networks, 
  • setting up an interoperator trust system to facilitate the transmission of call authentication information between different networks.

Telecom system integrators are responsible for setting up the infrastructure so that operators can implement the STIR/SHAKEN protocol. Netwo can support you in this new transition. So make time for what really matters, watch our dedicated webinar and contact us👇 

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MAN: what you need to know

MAN 2023 is a telephone security standard involving the implementation of the STIR/SHAKEN protocol to prevent fraudulent and unwanted calls. All telecoms players (service operators, resellers, integrators, etc.) must comply with this standard at their own level, or face criminal and financial penalties. Reliability, security, compliance, confidence, peace of mind, acquisition of new customers... The list of benefits outlining the contours of this new regulation is long. So, how far along are you in implementing this new system? Do you need clarification or application advice?

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