How has Aquilenet simplified Internet access for its members?

As an associative ISP, Aquilenet aims to equip as many local operators as possible (in Aquitaine) while rethinking a free and neutral Internet. Together with its members, they are thinking about an alternative to the offers available on the market.

Aquilenet's key figures :

  • Created in 2010
  • 200 members

Aquilenet's goal?

Providing Internet access and mobile telephony to local operators via an ethical approach to technology.

Before Netwo
  • A lengthy process for negotiating collection gates
  • Limited service due to high connection costs
  • Opaque monitoring of field operations
With Netwo
  • Accessible subscription and easy data flow collection
  • Shared, simple and transparent pricing for easy access to telecom infrastructures
  • A precise supervision center for tracking appointments with technicians

Aquilenet's favorite features

The eligibility tool

Aquilenet has access to a wide range of telecoms services across France, considerably improving the network coverage provided by their federation.

Order tracking

Thanks to the Netwo marketplace Operations Center, Aquilenet can see the status of its active customer base at a glance. It can adjust its services at any time according to customer needs (allocation of new numbers, portability management, etc.), and precisely monitor the deployment of each link thanks to its status (active, in progress, etc.).

"I don't know any other operators who do what you do, your proposal is modern and meets a real market need. It's clear, you've got it all figured out!"

Aquilenet volunteer


Netwo benefits

Constantly evolving

Aquilenet offers Internet via mobile telephony (3G to 5G) in line with its principles and values (net neutrality).

Operational efficiency

The Netwo platform interface enables Aquilenet to efficiently track its sales (4G data and Internet access).

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