How does CELAHO cut the time it takes to place new orders by a factor of 3?

A local telecom operator, CELAHO provides offers to VSEs, SMEs, SMIs and ETIs located in the Rhône-Alpes region (fixed and mobile telephony, Internet access, wifi network, 4G, 5G...)

CELAHO key figures:

  • Netwo partner since 2022
  • 3 employees
  • 500,000 € SALES

CELAHO's goal?

Acquire a powerful, cost-effective telecoms tool to support the rapid development of its customer portfolio, while facilitating exchanges with suppliers.

Before Netwo

  • A complex ordering process
  • Little interaction with suppliers
  • Monitoring opaque links
With Netwo
  • Order processing time cut by a factor of 3
  • Direct exchanges with suppliers
  • Precise, real-time supervision

CELAHO's favorite features

The ordering process

In just a few clicks, CELAHO accesses numerous offers from infrastructure operators, selects the most suitable for its customers and draws up a quotation, which it carries out without leaving the platform. From the marketplace, CELAHO manages its entire activity (exchanges with suppliers, orders for telecoms products and services, sales to customers, monitoring the status of its active customer base): an unrivalled time-saver.

Traffic supervision

CELAHO can visualize the status of its active fleet at a glance, in real time: incoming and outgoing throughput down to the minute. In the event of an incident, he can inform his suppliers without delay, and find a solution in a matter of moments.

"Before, to place an order, I would go to 4 different tools. Time spent: 15 minutes. I'd get an answer within 2 days to a week. Today, with Netwo, this operation takes me 5 minutes. I love supervising links and managing my fleet: it's fast and precise. Netwo's value proposition is innovative and unique on the market. It didn't take us long to realize the benefits. The promise has been kept. "

Founder of CELAHO


Netwo benefits


CELAHO centralizes all its telecom activity within a single interface.


CELAHO trades and negotiates directly with its suppliers.


CELAHO has optimized its fixed costs and buys easily on the Netwo platform

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