How did Innotip get its telecom business off the ground?

Innotip is a small company whose founder is the sole telecom operator. Now specializing in fixed-line telephony, Innotip was looking for a tool and expert support to launch its business serenely.

Innotip's key figures :

  • Created in 2011
  • 4 employees

Innotip's goal?

Complete your offer catalog with an easy-to-use SaaS solution.

Before Netwo
  • Equip yourself with an easy-to-use tool for starting up your business and responding quickly to customer requests
  • Centralize all telecom operator activities in a single tool
  • Telecoms experts to help make everyday life easier

With Netwo
  • Netwo offers a modern, easy-to-use interface that complies with the standards used in everyday applications.
  • A marketplace for centralized order taking and fleet supervision, including a messaging space for live customer exchanges at any time
  • Netwo is a pool of experts with a passion for telecoms, available to support Innotip in its activities as a telecoms operator.

Innotip's favorite features

The eligibility tool

Innotip has access to a wide range of telecoms services across France, which considerably improves the network coverage it delivers.

Real-time monitoring of order deployment

Innotip's marketplace approach makes it easy to reflect on the evolution of the company's business and the development of its value proposition.

Service supervision

Innotip visualizes the status of its active fleet at a glance, in real time: incoming and outgoing throughput down to the minute. In the event of an incident, he can inform his suppliers without delay, and find a solution in a matter of moments.

"In my research phase, I was looking for a comprehensive, easy-to-use tool that would enable me to launch my telecom operator business quickly and easily. A sexy interface, fast order-taking and a clear supervision center: it's top-notch! The marketplace's innovative model means that I'll be able to develop my business with peace of mind."


Romain Baffert

Netwo benefits

Centralized operations

Thanks to the Netwo marketplace, Innotip can find all the functionalities it needs, and discover those that will drive its business forward.

Optimized customer relations

Netwo has enabled Innotip to launch its business with peace of mind and develop a privileged relationship with its customers.

Why don't you try it out?

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